saturday brunch with my love

Dear Love bugs, 

Tony was back in town over the weekend. So, we spent Saturday afternoon just relaxing by starting our day with a nice brunch in White Plains. It was the perfect start to the weekend of just being lazy. Sometimes you just need those kind of weekends to help you prepare for the week ahead! Lazy weekends call for lazy outfits and that is exactly what I did. I wore what I like to call one of my shmatas! I hope you all had a great weekend!

What I am wearing:
 dress: may maxx  similar || flip flops:  Charlotte Russe || mirrored sunglasses: street vendor in union sq  Similar || Bracelets: mix

Mimosas are a must have for BRUNCH

This was the yummiest thing! I devoured it! There wasn't anything left on the plate! The place is called BRAZEN FOX  if you are every in White Plains they have some pretty good food. Well bar food but it's pretty good.
what it was:
Chipotle Hashed Sweet Potatoes:
poached eggs, avocado, sour cream drizzled with roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed onions and peppers.
what Tony had:
Eggs Florentine:
tow poached eggs, creamed spinach, English muffing, Hollandaise sauce
He also really loved his!

Btw This is from Snap Chat (clearly a great filter)  you should follow me on there . . . I am pretty funny on it. Especially when I go on a rant. Same name as instagram @lifeisjustrosie


  1. There's nothing better than brunch!


  2. amazing post :)
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  3. Hi Rosie--
    FYI---I tried to link through your instagram icon and it said access denied?
    The food looks marvelous!! My husband is from the White Plains area (Yorktown to be exact)!!

    1. thank you so much I fixed it! you are the best

  4. Is there anything better than brunch on the weekend?! Sounds and looks amazing.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. Brunch is one of my favorite meals!

    Thanks for linking up!



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