dirty 30!

My 30th Bday Cake!
Dear Love Bugs, 

So It was my 30th Bday AHHH cant believe it! I gathered 18 of my closest girl friends for some dinner and drinks at a place called Club Car in Mamaroneck. We enjoyed the yummy food and it was a great experience I truly felt special. Here are some of the pictures:
I gave away purses that I made for each girl to thank them for being great friends 
and joining in on my celebration

My Cousin Mia Decorated the tables for me I FELT SO SPECIAL 

My friend Suzy and My sister Rosemary (left to rt) planned everything! 
They did a great job esp with the cake
these are all my "sisters" ARENT WE A GREAT LOOKING BUNCH oh plus 
Baby Fella! 

Having fun after dinner Getting our drink on hahah

My beautiful Business Partner and I on my Bday!

My lifelines :)

Why do I look so weird. . . anyone would next to these two beautiful sisters! <3 them

 Everyone taking pics of the cake and My reaction to it
I tried my hardest not to cry but i couldnt help it when I saw Zarie on my cake I lost it
IT WAS THE MOST THOUGHTFUL thing in the world!
I could cry rt now thinking about it. I felt like she was actually there with me.

Now what I wore:

Dress: Nasty Gal
Belt & Rings: Sarina Rose
Shoes: Charolotte Russe
Watch: Invicta

Hope you enjoyed my pics and 
I didn't even have time to take pics with everyone 


Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . . They make my Day or Night :)

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