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Dear Love bugs! 

So I am officially out of my 20s and into my 30s! Um it pretty much feels the same lol Yesterday it was official, so what did I do you ask? Well for lunch I went with my cousins Tonya, Christina, and Valentina. Tonya lives in Virginia so I never get to see her but let me tell you how happy I was that she was in town same time as my birthday!!! She is the kindest person on the planet also super thoughtful. (pictures below). We went to H&M after ill show you what a purchased for 1/2 off of already reduced SUPER AMAZING (pictures also below) !!! Then dinner that will be another post I wore a Sarina Rose top its just lovely! 

Here are my instagram photos from my bday:

Tonya and I (me opening a card and the gift she gave me)

Flowers from my Biz Partner and the cake pop that my cousin gave me (picture above is what I received today in the mail)

this is for everyone! thank you all so so so very much I truly felt very special the actual party will be on SATURDAY woot woot can not wait!!

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