my new years/birthday resolutions

Dear Love Bugs,

First I want to say Merry Christmas to you all.  The end of the month means the end of  the year DUHH. The reason I am mentioning it a week in advance is because IFB asked us in Project #76 to think of resolutions and write about them. So, here goes I never make New Year Resolutions if I do anything it's birthday resolutions or goals. My birthday is only 20 days after the New Year and I like to make goals that I will do in my next year. However, unlike resolutions I usually do mine. This year I decided to go crazy when I was making it. I mean I knew one would def be done that was graduating College finally. So yea I did that. The second really out there one was open up a boutique. I SWEAR WHEN I MADE THAT I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN. There is one that I seem to fail on always LESS DRINKING!

So here is the new list sort of: UNOFFICIAL UNTIL JAN 21

Blogger Birthday Resolution:
1.  Blog more. . . .I know I say that and I was getting better at it but now I have no camera :(
2. Youtube more. . . I know its crazy to say but I love youtubing more than blogging. I just have to get better at it
3. Collaborate with other bloggers.

Life Birthday Resolution:
1. Less Drinking Seriously if I didnt know better I would think I was an alcoholic. I Don't beleive I am I hope not at least but I do want to try to drink less. Its just better for you.
2. Less Gossip Ok so I am not like those girls who really gives a shit to gossip but I do it occasionally and its more listening to Gossip then saying it. I dont really like to know things about people that are scandalous because well IT AINT MY BUSINESS. However, when someone starts I am going to kindly say SUBJECT CHANGE.
3. Exercise and eat healthy I AM GETTING OLD!!
4. GO TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY! I truly believe that It helps make my life more peaceful.
5. Do more volunteer work
6. Communicate better I AM THE WORST. I hold shit in until i just explode. That doesn't help anyone.



  1. Great post <3 I will collaborate with you in some way if you want. Email me if you have any ideas at

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