high bun, leopard and stripes

leapard bag
I love this bag . . . find out what I wore it with . . .
Dear Love bugs,

Well we all know what a top bun means in my world . . . TIME TO WASH MY HAIR . . . Oh How I hate to do that. Anyways, usually my outfit choices are all about the shoe . . . this time its all about pants. They are from H&M and only cost $34. They fit so nice I find it hard to rock these sort of pants since I have no tush . . . but maybe insanity is working after all and I am once in my life finally getting a booty? WHO KNOWS I HATE YOU SEAN T! hahah (yes insanity makes you randomly curse out the creator because it really is that hard!) Lent is almost over you guys . . . YAYYYY!!!! Back to normal shoping and back to drinking and eating whatever I want . . . I'M SORRY JESUS that doing this was so hard for me . . . I never realized how addicted to soda I was until this lent when I had to give it up. Whatever enough of that . . .
here is what I wore: (btw the wind was a blowing hence the hot mess my hair is doing)

earrings, bag, rings (ZOYA), top (FOREVER21), pants (H&M), jacket(Bitten)

I hope you have a blessed weekend whatever you celebrate!


  1. Wonderful sense of style!
    I love the shoes and the bag!

    If you want, check out my blog:

  2. This is so cute! Love a good top knot and stipes!
    xo Krystin

  3. Haha, thank you! Your outfit is amazing, great combination. I would love to have your bag and shoes ♥


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