April Fools Anyone?

I think these will be the boots I wear most of the SPRING. . . find out what I wore them with

Dear Love Bugs . . . 

So, Today is April 1st! Aka APRIL FOOLS DAY! As of right now I have yet to be fooled . . . however knowing my cousin Violet I do not see it going by without being fooled. She is notorious for April Fooling. . .She comes out with the craziest April fool joke you fall for because WHO WOULD MAKE THAT UP RIGHT? ooh noo VIOLET WOULD. . . one time in high school she woke me up on a Saturday at 7am to tell me some insane lie about someone hitting her, I didn't even know where I was   at this point all I know I jumped out of bed threw my sneakers on (YES I WORE SNEAKERS) and headed for the door to run to her house (at this time we lived a block away from each other). . . she waited until I was almost out the door to tell me APRIL FOOLS! I straight could have killed her I did curse her life out though . . . and after I laughed. . . SO PRAY FOR MY LITTLE HEART she always manages to get me somehow!
So here is what I wore yesterday Nothing to crazy JUST WORK AND LIFE you know  . . . BTW the picture quality is horrible I do not know what is going on with this camera! I cant wait to graduation to get my CAMERA but that won't happen for some time!

Here is MY OUTFIT:
glasses (Soho street), top & skirt (Zoya), bag (Justfab.com),ring (Forever21)

Alrighty please tell me what is the craziest april fools someone ever did to you. . . I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR!!

OH BTW LIFE IS JUST ROSIE. . . makes one year this month . . . TOTALLY DOING A SICK GIVEAWAY!!!!! stay tuned!!!!



  1. I wish I could remember April Fool's day! It always sneaks up on me without any warning :P One of my close friends got me pretty good tho today - she broke it to me that she was "pregnant" ahahah. I was stunned! All in good fun :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment, you're too nice! I wish I could liiiiiive in an Audrey Hepburn movie ;)


    1. HAHAH my cousin did that to me once too she is notorious for this day HOWEVER she decided not to do anyone since its lent lol

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you They are super comfy and SOOOO CHEAP!!!


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