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My love bugs . . .
I had such a busy week this week it is not even funny! It all started on Wednesday, I spent the whole day with my two very good blogger friends Yanil from The New Yorker Style and Blake from Style Island. We started with IFB Con. Last year IFB was kind of boring however this year it was really good. I actually got to meet my favorite bloggers. I met Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook and Andy from StyleScrapbook. They are both so sweet. I am not even joking. Sometimes you feel like they are celebs but in reality they are just regular girls, who started blogging just like you and I.  Wendy actually even asked what kind of videos do I prefer because of her pairings. You have to check her out she is so amazing. Well we spent the day first at IFB Con at Milk Studios then headed to Ken Chow Fashion show at W.I.P. , then off to IFB after party at the nice Tribeca Grand. I also got to catch up with Jessica from Bows & Sequins I met her first in September, she is from CHICAGO. . . super nice girl check out her blog it is a good one.

My whole look was found mostly at forever21. I actually paid only $7 for the top and for the bottom. It was a total SCORE. Except there is one thing about those pants .. . When I bought them they fit perfect but the night before I went out to eat and was so bloated that they were tight on me and sometimes would give me camel toe. I had to change into a different outfit for the next couple of events.

Here is what I wore: I belong in the 70s!
top & pants (Forever21), hat (Joyce Leslie), shoes (Qupid), coat (Vintage)

I also wore these earrings from Zee Jewelry
You can't see them in the picture but MY GOD THEY ARE SO BAD ASS!!
They are made from Pearls and the gold is wrapped around so intricate I thought I was obsessed! 
You have to check them out I wish you could've seen them on me but I probably wear them over and over and over again. 
So, this was the start of my crazy week. It is still going on and tomorrow is Valentines Day. Is anyone doing anything special? Can Not wait to see what everyone is wearing . . . I still haven't decided ERG!

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  1. Thanks for your comment :)
    lovely outfit!!
    I follow you, if you love mine follow me too :)

  2. What great Forever 21 deals! You look adorable in your hat, too!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. You are fabulous!! Such a doll
    And that coat is amazing!
    Happy Valentine's Day
    happy to find your blog, following you now!

  4. You're blog seems very interesting! :)

    You are welcome to have a look at my blog and follow if you like. I always follow back. =)


  5. fllow me, please :)

  6. Love the earrings, they are so pretty=)

  7. Very cute site! Thanks for leaving your link! What is the IFB?

    Vonae Deyshawn


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