LuLu*s Party & BNO all in one night!

Dear Love Bugs, 

Last Friday I had a day full of events. First I had to work and than I had to run to get ready for Lulu*s Party and Bloggers Night Out. The Lulu*s event was pretty rad. We got a bunch of free stuff they even let us get something from Lulu*s racks. They had all sorts of stuff from beauty to clothes. All the events I have been going to have all had the same kind of drink from Hynotiq but it isn't the version I recall from the project days it is fancy Here is a picture of how they set it up at the bar:

Isn't that fancy! Hahah It was actually pretty good 

This was one of the drink specials they had it was blueberry base. YUMMY!

We all got to spin this and win something I won nail polishes. Ever since going to all these events I have become obsessed with nail polishes because they always give the coolest ones. I might do a blog post just on the all the nail polishes I own.  I have amassed quite a collection.

this shoe is from Michael Antonio and will be available in April.
I would have purchased it rt one the spot if I could.

Here I am being silly with one of the sponsors. I was also starved and this helped!

Now for what I wore:
blazer (old), top (Charlotte Russe), leggings (Zoya),
clutch (Thrift), necklace (Bebe), ring (St. Lucys), watch (Swatch)
shoes (Qupid)
I honestly had an entirely different outfit picked out. However, I have been eating like crap lately and I am starting to have a lot of fat days! I need to get back to eating healthy because feeling fat isn't fun. I wonder if guys have fat days? I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of Bloggers Night Out party just this one. Sorry!

Time for me to go I hope you had a great Vday. Pictures of that will be up tomorrow :)



  1. Sounds like a great night! Your shoes are amazing :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment!
    Emma xxx

  2. Hi gorgeous,
    just found your amazing blog by chance while peeking on others and i must tell you that it´s so lovely, well structured and interesting [certainly a reflection of your personality] that it kept me totally hooked. I'm your new follower and would like to invite you follow each other if you appreciate it.
    wish you lots of success!!!


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