Woot Woot I am in a Newsletter!

Dear Love Bugs,

So, if you recall back during the Holidays (wow that was almost a month ago) I received a package from Those Francy Jewels - Well she was so excited I loved it and featured it she FEATURED THIS BLOG on her newsletter. I thought that was pretty cool since she didn't have to because I honestly think her website is awesome . . . I think she picks out really great pieces. So, I suppose this is somewhat kind of like press or something? I was really excited when I got the Newsletter - I had no idea she would even mention my blog but she did! THANKS FRANCINE!!!

Here is a screen shot of the newsletter:

She also mentions Operation Prom which I think you all should help out with if you live in NY. We all remember how excited we were to pick out our prom dresses! I remember how all of us girls were talking about them since Freshman Year. However, unfortunately some girls can not afford it, SO CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS!!!!!!! Get rid of your bridesmaid dresses you really are never going to wear again!  Please visit www.HelpPROM.org for drop off locations in Westchester, Hudson Valley & New York City!

BTW watch out soon for a give away from THOSE FRANCY JEWELS! You should subscribe to her Newsletter!


  1. Cool dear!
    My post today is also about features!
    (I'm your new follower!)

    1. thank you so much ! I am following you as well I am also following you on chicisimo <3 your style!


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