now I’m stepping out in this old beige shoe


Dear Love Bugs
Well you are going to kill me I am wearing the same shoes I have been wearing for like 2 weeks. It seems that the only days I can take pictures is when I am wearing these boots! However, I have had to wear these for a certain reason . . . they are very comfortable and I had to go in and do the windows for the store. We are having this big sale and the window turned out real nice, but I couldn't wear like regular heels I had to climb a ladder. . . I suppose wedges aren't pretty safe either but they worked. Oh and as for my bag I do own designer bags I just normally do not wear them. See the only bag that really matters in my world that is designer and to die for is the Chanel quilted. . . oh how i dream of owning it one day . . . I would love a red vintage one. OH TO DREAM!!! However if anyone is reading this and wants to spend about 5gs on my bday gift that would be the one! lmaoo JUST KIDDING ok here is the rest of the outfit
post121412 copy
shoes(charlotte russe),leggings(milkyway),denim shirt(miley cryrus for walmart),plaid shirt (old), tank & fur vest (zoya),necklace(love21),bag(LV),watch (swatch)


P.S. that freaking vest is the most warm thing on the planet just so you know!


Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . . They make my Day or Night :)

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