My 29th Birthday Part 1


Dear Love Bugs,

Well Well. . . I am officially twenty9 obviously I have been talking about it for how long now. I was so busy celebrating I really didn't have time to blog. Now I am sitting here after cleaning up the mess I left in my room from the countless outfit changes for all my celebrations this weekend ready to blog! I had some really nice outfits this weekend.. . . oddly enough I didn't even want to celebrate it at all and ended up doing a lot more than expected. First celebration was dinner with a friend at this restaurant in the city called The Place. Ok I know I say every food was soo good because lets face it I LOVE TO EAT. . . but this place was out of freaking control. . . from the appetizer to the desert I was in heaven. . . I nearly jumped out my seat when she mentioned scallops (my new fave thing to eat). . . Oh gosh my mouth just watered thinking about it!
Here are some of the pictures:
These are the Pan Seared Diver Scallops!
 over a creamy polenta, baby spinach and bacon ravioli
with a port wine reduction
This was my entre Homemade Pappardelle Duck Pasta
 a rich savory ragout of duck confit, baby artichokes, heirloom tomatoes
and fresh herbs topped with shaved parmesan
This was my friends dinner Char-Grilled Herb-Marinated Hangar Steak
 with mediterranean style roast potatoes, wilted baby spinach and a red wine jus
This was my first birthday cake desert!
I do not even know what it was but it was freaking awesome! 
Now here is what I wore!
Top & Skirt (forever21), Shoes (charlotte russe), Necklace & Sweater (zoya)

It was a great start to my birthday! Could not have asked for a better one! Enjoy your day lovebugs!



  1. Happy birth day, darling! You look so amazing, I love your leather skirt and gorgeous black pumps! Love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Your b-day outfit looks so cute!!

  3. Thanks! <3
    I love the shoes! So pretty!


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