hmm adult mac & cheese and some birthday gifts!


Dear Love Bugs. . .
Well it has finally arrived MY BIRTHDAY well technically not until tomorrow but I started celebrating early. Last night my cousin Luli offered to make me dinner so I can pick up my gifts. Let me tell you not only was the freaking meal amazing (grown up mac&cheese with three diff kinds of cheese) but the gifts were lovely! Any who after dinner we went to grab some drinks in the city with a few friends nothing cray cray that's not until tonight BTW do you know I have no idea what I am wearing tonight. . . I haven't even thought about it it doesn't feel like its my birthday at all!! Oh well maybe it will tonight hopefully the snow doesn't kill it!

This is the Adult or Grown Up Mac & Cheese
I already loved regular mac&cheese this just made it better!
I was seriously like moaning from how good it was she did an amazing job!

These are my gifts and my cute card it was so like me! Born to be . . .

Coat (h&m old), Top (mystic), Jeans (joy21),
Ring (zoya), Shoes (michael antonio)

Wish me luck in my search for an outfit tonight! Also wish me luck the snow doesn't decide to pay us a visit!

BTW!! I got highlights . . . tell me what you think

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, darling! xx
    I'd really apprechiate if you folllow! there'll be a giveaway soon. so don't miss that :)



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