Almost Last Celebration! Birthday Part 4


Dear Love Bugs,
I am sorry I missed a day I have been trying not to but either my computer wasn't working properly or my Flickr account wasn't I could not get into my pictures for anything. Well this is the last of the bday celebrations for now. My parents wanted to take me out to dinner and we went to this place in Yonkers, NY it is called Zuppa. Yes I am going to say it again but the food was really good I highly recommend it. I was starving I couldn't even wait to take any pictures of most the food because we just went IN! If you are ever in the area PLEASE GO! You will love it and go back again!

I wore my favorite thigh- high boots and my new bracelet! The boots really are amazing especially considering I purchased them for $6.99 at forever 21. That's even cheap for Forever21. I still can not get over it!  Here are some pictures!
This is what was left of the appetizers
This is my Entre!

This is what my sister and brother had.

These are the parentals! Who do you think I look like?

Caught off gaurd but as you can tell I was happy to have all that food!

Now for the outfit pics:
rings and bracelets
This is the bracelet Luli got me for my birthday. I have been wearing it constantly!
Thank you Luli!

coat (H&M), top & pants (Zoya), boots & big orange ring (Forever21),
multi colored ring (, bracelet (Gift)

By the way I do not know why my hair looks so dark. It is actually much lighter than that. I also look really tired well obviously because I had a crazy weekend WOOHOO.

I hope you have a great weekend my loves! I am off of work today so I am getting things done! AKA HOMEWORK! Grrr



  1. That looks a lovely meal and sounds like you had a great time. Your outfit is gorgeous and I ADORE those boots!! XxxX

    1. thank you so much <3 food was delish!

  2. love your outfit and great photos!
    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. Wow! these boots are gorgeous! And I'm loving the geometrical pattern on your shirt!



  4. Love those boots... A really pretty combo with that coat :)

  5. Hey, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad it lead me to yours following now!


    p.s. Those boots are amazing!

  6. May you celebrate another trip around get moprevthe sun with the same multidimensional approach that you show in enjoying every moment of life.


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