that's FURtastic!!


Dear Love Bugs,
Well Well I went to H&M on Sunday and purchsed this great fur scarf thingy. . . I of course could not wait until I could wear it! So the very next day keeping up with wearing a diff pair of shoes, I paired it with so many lovely things! . . . Well Now here is the deal on the shoes (charlotte russe) They are not the most comfortable shoes I own. They are not terrible but just not as comfortable you would think wedges would be. I do however love that you can wear them as OTK or fold the flaps and wear them lower. . . . WARNING!!! if you wear them OTK and you are bending they will sufficate your knees HA HA you know what I mean right?

 Yesterday We got in 9 racks of clothes at Zoya . . . OMG SO MUCH AMAZING THINGS . . . (yes i work there so technically this is me getting paid for saying this but really the stuff is out of this world amazing . . . Dont worry you will see it on me soon enough). . . . Now back to my racks of clothes . . . LETS JSUT SAY I AM EXHAUSTED! It took us two days to put out most of the stuff - you know the deal imput into computer - tag - size and the hardest thing figure out exactly where everything goes . . . My creativity was used allll up today I do not even know how I am functioning right now! OK love bugs time for the outfits!


Faux Fur and Necklace ( H&M), Blazer (thrift), Top (5th Culture), Jeans (forever21), Bag (Zoya)

The Bracelets are a Mix from everywhere . . . Ring(charlotte russe)



  1. Love the fur stole and that deep coral bag! I am jealous of your buys :)

  2. Awww thank you so much . . . the stole was only $10 can you believe it!

  3. You look fabulous. I have one of those fur scarfs from H&M too, in fact I have 2 :)

    Great boots & bag.

  4. good evening
    Ding Dong!
    Boarding the flight 2011 has begun.
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    The duration of your trip will be 12 months.
    Meet at 31 December of the year at midnight precise
    In short I wish you a happy new year 2012 to all humanity.

    a small present for you: edits


Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . . They make my Day or Night :)

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