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Dear Love Bugs,

You know when I started the blog . . . I started it out to wear all the shoes I own. Everyday a new pair of shoes. . .but then it changed up because I wanted to wear the same shoe more than once. So, I added my life a little into it .. . . It became a personal place to write about what I love what I did and where I go . . . I didn't really focus a lot on my shoes . . . however I AM GOING BACK. . . I was happiest when I got to write about the shoes I was wearing and a little about life. . . I feel that sort of made my blog a little different. . . so for the next LORD KNOWS HOW LONG . . . every time I blog it will be about a shoe and the life I live while wearing the shoe!. . . I will do most of what I do now but with a little more focus!
We started opening the store on Sunday for the Holiday. I usually do not mind going to work I love my job but I was exhausted from what - I do not know because I did go home relatively early for me. Oddly enough after Evening mass I had all this energy! Thank You Jesus! . . .
So, these shoes are new I will not lie. I got them a few days ago. They are so comfortable. I got them from a store in the Bronx for dirt cheap (well arent all my shoes that cheap haha). Somehow I convinced myself that I needed a pair of grey wedge booties with fur. . . I mean like don't we all . . . I have grey booties with fur that are not wedge so in my head I needed them right? RIGHT! Anyway here is the outfit!
SHOES (bx), Top,Snake Ring & Assorted Bracelets (Zoya), Leggings & Cream Ring (forever21), Vest (DIY thrifted), Watch (swatch gift from Naz)

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  1. I loveeee these boots they are gorgeous :D nice blog :D xx


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