Why Thank you!

this is my attempt at Zoolander if he had a bad hair day and an allergy attack!

Hello My Love Bugs. . .

So Today I don't have a total outfit post because my camera took horrible pictures. I decided to do a post anyways since I have to do my thankful for thing. What am I thankful for today you ask? Well I am Thankful for YOU! Yes you right there the one reading this. . . When I started my blog I didn't even think anyone would read it. . . However every month readers seem to be growing and its not even just my friends anymore its other people. I am so thankful for you guys . . . I know I have geared away from my initial blog and I promise to get back to trying to wear all my shoes again. Especially since this morning when i woke up I was like damn how does someone have all these shoes and still think she needs more. That isn't being very thankful that is just being greedy. Do you know that for today's outfit I had 3 shoes to pick from? How can I not be thankful for that?

OK this isn't about my shoes though this is about you! Thanks for reading and keeping up with my life. The emails and comments and stuff I get make me smile. You have no idea how good they make me feel. Sometimes I think I am crazy and ask myself why the heck am I doing this. It takes so much time, but i really really really love it. Its a place I can go and be myself. Some people like reading about myself hahaha. Thank you again for all the positive feedback. Thank you for the encouraging words. Thank you for the laughs. Even if you read if to make fun of my goofy ass thanx anyways!

Now speaking of my goofy ass here you go

peace and love

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