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Hi My Love Bugs . . .

I am going to try to do something new. On Thursdays I am going to show you something I have purchased from the thrift store. Sometimes they will be redone to my liking. . . duhh why else buy thrift if you cant make it your own. Today's thrift store find was this denim jacket i turned into a vest. I bought it for $4! That is why I love thrifting although I have seen vest in forever and they are not super expensive its just pretty awesome you can get it for $4. Hey every penny counts right? HaHa

I am sorry for the lack of post again. So, here is what happened my wisdom teeth are trying to come through. And by trying I mean - ripping through my gums, pushing my teeth, giving me a headache, and some how an earache. Really now! Due to the fact that I have no Insurance yes thank you AMERICA . . .jk I love you but the insurance thing is a bitch not gonna lie. I have to wait to go to the dentist however next week ITS ME AND THAT SCARY MAN WITH THOSE MEAN TOOLS . . . Oh how much I don't get along with the dentist. I don't even understand why teeth have to give you so many issues. WHY MUST WE GROW TEETH WHEN WE ARE OLD? Didn't we do this once already wait no twice because you lose your baby teeth. Whatever PRAY FOR ME! I was finally feeling better and went for a walk and took some pictures OH HOW I HATE TAKING THE PICTURES ALONE LOL. Here is what I came up with . . .

Everyone is doing this November Thankful Thing. . . where you write down everyday what your thankful in the month of November I suppose for Thanksgiving. Since my above is pretty darn blah I am going to start it today! Starting on Day 3 . . . I am thankful for my Faith. Without it I would be nothing.

Now here are the pictures:

The vest!

vest(thrift),top (joyce leslie), leggings(no idea), bracelets (mix), glasses (zoya),necklace (love21),shoes (jc litas)


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