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I took all these pictures from Facebook with the permission of Jen . . .They were taken by Alex Boge

Dear Love Bugs. . .

I don't know if you keep up with my facebook or twitter. . . but if you do you know I spent the weekend in Michigan. We all know how much I go there but this time was sort of special. My friend Jen was having a fundraiser. . . here is what they wrote on the invite from facebook it best describes it:

"This event was brought about for the support of our Sister, Jennifer Yatuoma. The doctors diagnosed her with Cancer 3 years ago. No family would ever think about their own loved one being struck by such a terrible disease, but we knew she is a Strong individual to fight for her life. For 3 years, she has taken over 6 different treatments and over 40 chemo sessions and not one has helped cure her. S...he is our inspiration, our angel, our everything to us. Jen has been through thick and thin. She takes too much pride being independent so we decided as a family to raise money. With her medical and other related bills piling up, she has showed signs of stress and depression. Thats the last thing we would wish upon our sister. Our JEN BUNNY has taken care of our family household for a very long time and its time we help her out as much as possible. She is truly loved by many people and a believer in living her life to the fullest!

As for the last part of the above quote . . . If you know Jen you freaking know she is a G. . . she really does live her life to the fullest. . . I have never met a person like her in my life she is this tiny little firecracker with so much to give . . . she has a big heart and EVERY TIME you are with her YOU are guaranteed to have a night to remember. . . I met Jen years ago through my cousins that live in Michigan . . . Growing up she is apart of just about every memory I have in Michigan. OH if I can only share some of them you would crack up! (Jen if you are reading this all I have to say is CANADIAN CUSTOMS!). . . TO all my followers and friends please go to her facebook and go TEAM JEN . . . if you cant click the name click on the side bar. . .the button. . . Here are some pictures from that night"

That's my fam !!

This is what the first picture was about! It's bigger than herrrrrrrr!!!

The placed was packed . . . and I hope next time she does it again its even more packed. . . She is trying to start a foundation for people like her to help pay medical bills . . . SO PLEASE SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE!!!

Thank you all very much!

PS This is the guy painting the picture in like 8 mins or something INSANE rt!


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