oh just my super hero cape


Dear Love Bugs,

Well Well let us see. I have had an interesting weekend. Friday I woke up wanting to wear flats (gasp can you believe that) because Wednesday (I went to the landsend presentation post soon to follow) and Thursday I forgot what I did . . . anywho I wore very High Heels both days for very long hours. I just needed to be comfortable. The weather is pretty amazing lately so I am taking advantage of this. OH AND OF COURSE I WANTEDT O WEAR MY CAPE. . . the happiest days of my life are the moment I pull out my cape! Really now who doesnt love this trend? Its just about the most lady like thing EVER!. . . Anywho here are the pictures

Here is my lovely cape!

cape(lohmens),vest (vintage),scarf(no idea), feather earrings,snake ring(zoya),white shirt & teal ring(forever21),hat(banana republic),watch(swatch)shoes(no idea),bag(justfab)

I think my eyes look nice here lol


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  1. Love the snake ring!

    xo Ashleigh



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