oh can someone please sing me a country song

Please excuse the blurry pic but I could not find anything closer for those amazing shoes Photo by (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Dear Love Bugs,

I don't know if you haven't figured it out already BUTTTTT I am sort of obsessed with country music. It is odd since I am from the Bronx and not very many Bxers like that kind of music. I do not know exactly what it is about Country music that I love so much it just speaks to me. Although I love hip hop and such sometimes that stuff can just be to harsh for me. One of my fave singers in country music is Mrs. Carrie Underwood . . . come now who doesnt love her. Her style is on point! I am pretty sure I read somewhere that her stylist is Trish Townsend. However, do not quote me cause I am trying to look it up and have only found things from 2009. Anywho. . . Look at those amazing shoes I am trying to search online to find the designer but no luck GOOGLE HAS BEEN REALLY LETTING ME DOWN LATELY. Here are a few of the great looks of Mrs. Underwood as she co-hosted the awards for the 4th year in a row with Brad Paisely another of my fave artist.

These are my faves of the night the last one is my absolute fave

and here are some other looks* all photos taken from http://fashionetc.com/

Now for the other ladies of country music that I adore and loved what they wore!
this dress made kellie who is already stunning even more beautiful and thin because again the vertical lines of the bling

Hello Faith Hill . . . DUDE THIS AMAZING WOMEN IS IN HER 40s? Unreal!

Jennifer Nettles proves she is such a freaking star in this dress!
(all the above photos taken from E!)

The awards were great . . . you know what I love most about these awards is the fact that you can see how much everyone really loves each other Oh and these two work so great with each other I laughed the whole 7 mins of the opening . . .


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