Nunna Nina whatever it works!


Dear Love Bugs. . . .

Last night I visited my darling wonderful amazing Godson and niece. Let me explain something to you about my Godson Luke, he is the smartest human being on the planet earth. I brought my iPad with me and he knew how to work that thing like he was a teen and not a 3 year old. He makes my day just by watching him use it, it melts my heart. As for his sister, my niece Aubree, she is down right the most cutest thing that ever existed. She apparently has decided my name is Nina. I suppose she gets that from her brother calling me Nunna (godmother in Albanian). . . but its her version. By the end of the night I even referred to myself as Nina. She is so cute she puts on my shoes and walks around the house. I can just bite her thinking about it! Ugh Love them! Well so I got home late and got off the phone even later. I was so tired. Some reason my brain would not let me sleep does that ever happen to you? When your so tired you cant sleep? This morning I woke up dying to wear this button down shirt. I have no idea why just had it in my head and made it happen! One thing though is I have huge boobs and it was a lil snug. I really hate my big breasted self I would love an A cup. I get jealous of girls with small boobs everything looks soo good on them. When you have big boobs you tend to look larger. Anywho here is what I came up with:

Top(active basics),Black Necklace & Ring(zoya), Skirt(walmart),Shoes(litas),Bag (justfab)


So here is the beginning of my OOTD that turned into the Accessories of the day. . . Camera died midway and I didn't even know!



  1. Hey Rosie, I just commented on the pic under ur fb, but love this outfit...I thought you went to a professional event.. this is me..I would unbotton the top button...and your hair is on point. The bag is just fab. I was like where did she get the bag. just one thing; before camera dying, the lighting fades in and out. It was a lil dark so I could not really see anything, then bright, then dark.

  2. Oh i love your outfit your shoe is fab x

  3. love your outfit.

  4. LOVE!!! Your style is so fun!
    Shall we follow each other?
    I hope you want to.
    xx Emily of EL Vintage

  5. your so pretty!
    love the outfit

    new outfit post - fake fur it is


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