mamma im learning my ABCs again


Dear Love Bugs,

Ohhhh Today . . . what can I say about today. My brain is fried! After work I went to school I had midterms to do. I was actually pretty scared about going because all day I could not concentrate I even looked up natural remedies for ADHD. Like not for nothing but its really hard going to school when you may possible have ADHD. I really hate it like stomp my feet on the ground want to beat it up hate it! Nevertheless I PASSED ALL OF MY EXAMS!!! Woot Woot

I was feeling a 70s vibe today. I look like I just stepped out of that 70s show. I would love to have lived during that time those clothes were AHHMAAZING! I always swear I died on the dance floor of studio 54 in my past life. . . you know gotta make it glamorous I danced my way out!

Anywho Here are some pictures:
hat(no idea),jeans (citizen of humanity), shoes & top (charlotte russe), ring (zoya)

Isn't this so freaking cool I LOVE IT!

I am thankful for. . . .
the chance that I got to go back to school. That my family have made me it possible actually for me to go to school after so many years of taking off.


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