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Dear Love Bugs,

Let me try to tell you the kind of day Yanil and I had. Well we decided to go thrift shopping and we found some things. Some cute stuff however we did not get anything because the lady at the register was thinking she works at Hermes and not the thirft store. She wouldn't sell us somethings because they had no tags other things because she needs to keep a stock of stuff. WHO THE HECK DOES THAT. . . well that wasn't the only reason Yanil thought she lost her wallet turns out she put it in another coat. After we ran to her apt to find it we called the lady at the thrift store to find out what time they close she said 6 we got there at 530 she goes "well I said if your not at the reg by 5:45, I will not take you", Hello it was 530!!! Yanil wanted to murder her. So, we get to this event finally. When I go to pick up Yanil - we are basically wearing the same vest! What are the odds I never wear that vest and it was the first time she ever wore it. Well the presentation was pretty good. YOU MUST VISIT HAVETOHAVE.COM, you will be addicted and follow me while you're there.

Well after it was over I wanted to do an OOTD video. This guy was staring at me and I could not stop laughing. He decided to talk to us for a few. He started off with an English accent and ended with a complete MANHATTAN NEW YORK ACCENT. the night did not end. As we were driving home we saw this guy run around the streets in boxer briefs and a skully hat. That's all no shoes nothing. HELLO LOWER EAST SIDE! That is how our night ended!

Here are the pictures:
Dress, Vest, Jewels (zoya), Shoes (lita)Bag (foley&corina)

Excuse my horrible video I promise I will eventually get it:


Oh almost forgot I AM THANKFUL FOR. . . NYC. . . sometimes this place is just to full of craziness its amazing!


  1. outfit is @ bloopers...and the camera at first...lmao

  2. lol thank you sorry for the camera didn't realize it was so bad until we were done but I still wanted to do an OOTD


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