Is the city you live in, is beautiful Brooklyn


Dear Love bugs,

I had a very interesting day yesterday. Interesting meaning- I traveled from Westchester to Brooklyn with stops in the Bronx and Manhattan. My little sister came home for the weekend so I took her to church with me. I usually go to 5:30 mass but today I had to go to early mass due to the fact I was going to be going all over NYC! After Church I dropped my sister off and I went to pick up Yanil ( We went to eat at some place in St. Marks. We had really good sushi for an unreal cheap price!

After Sushi we went to Brooklyn to visit my friend Safija Hakaj.

The HaKNiK sign you see above is from her jewlerly line. She is so freakign talented. What she does with leather is riduclous. Here are some pictures of her stuff:




Look what I found HOW CUTE IS THIS did you know that is George Clooneys Aunt and she made that song Mambo Italiano

My Outfit:
Earrins & leather jacket(zoya), Hoody(walmart), White T-Shirt(forever21),Red Pants(catch22),shoes(no idea),bag(foley&corina)

Now What I am Thankful for:
My Mamma- she is the most caring,giving,loving human being on earth. I know everyone thinks their mother is the best but mine really is. My mother works so hard to make sure we have everything in life we need and want. She always has my back even when I don't. I LOVE YOU MAMMA!



  1. love all that jewelry! and your fire red pants, along with the hottie in them! xoxo


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