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Dear Love Bugs,
Well yesterday was pretty blah day nothing crazy happened. I had to go to work and after work I went home to watch tv. See, that video came out Call of Duty or whatever, so pretty much every girl was alone last night. I passed by the video game spot and not only was the line was around the corner but there was police there to keep everyone in line. Really now for a game? Well I suppose that is the same thing that is going to happen when Versace for H&M comes out. Oh well. . . Will you be online like everyone else? I usually just wait for my friend Naz to go through all that and if i really love it she usually buys it for herself (we have same sense of style), so If I want I will just borrow from her. I cant seem to do lines,I really really can not. I just get so angry. So there for I pass.

Ok so for some reason the weather has been insanely wonderful. So I am wearing anything light and fall/spring. . . Hence the maxi dresses. This particular maxi dress is good for elongating you if your a short butt like me! Girls with stripes if you want to make yourself appear slimmer and taller go with VERTICAL!
jacket(bitten by sjp), Dress (zoya), hat & shoes (charlotte russe), Rings (mix),watch (swatch gift from naz btw)

What I am thankful for: since it was their anniversary yesterday. I'm going to say Mario & Suzie. . . Mario is my first cousin but we grew up so close that I call him my brother. We all have a crazy strong bond. We may like to yell a lot but in the end there is NO ONE ON EARTH WHO I CAN COUNT ON LIKE HIM! As for Suzie: Oh gosh we hit it off the second we met which was wayyyyy before Mario even met her. She truly has become a part of the family. You know how you hear about those sister in laws that people just hate them? Well we got freaking lucky. . . we got one that there is nothing to hate about. She is just like one of us! It's like not only did Mario find his perfect match but we did to you dig? OK enough of that stuff lol


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  1. can't see the shoes but blog about the shoes you just ordered. to die


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