as long as its lamb ill eat it!


Dear Love Bugs,

I know that the picture above isn't about lamb and you are probably wondering what the hail kind of title is that for a blog post but there is a story behind that. Yesterday I went to dinner with Diana, Elizabeth and a friend of ours Suzy, to celebrate their birthdays part 9809809 hahaha. We went to eat at SHI the food was really good. Diana had these steak cubes that were to die for. Suzy had some kind of sushi which was also good. Elizabeth and I had general tso’s chicken. No, no one had lamb that story is coming up . . . It was all very good but the best part about the place is the view. You get to see the Manhattan skyline. The ambiance is great as well as the service.

Ok now back to the lamb. Suz was talking about how there was Lambs cheek on the menu of something and said she was like whaaaattttt? She didn't want to try it so, the ALBANIAN in me screams Oh Girl as long as its LAMB I'll eat it! I love me some lamb. Put it on a filik (um the spit to non Albanians)and I'll eat it! Well I doubt I would actually eat lamb cheek but hey you never know!

Well here is what I wore to dinner. Did not take many other pictures but I linked the restaurant website. You can check it out for yourself.

Top & Skirt (walmart miley cyrus), belt(zoya), shoes (litas), scarf (joyce leslie)
btw the skirt was a gift from my wonderful cousin Christina - she saw it thought of me and was like I had to get it! She was on point I LOVE IT!

Oh and I did not forget what I am thankful for. . . I am thankful for amazing friends who understand me and listen to me. Especially the ones who are your friend just to be your friend and for no other reason.



  1. This is awesome...i had a shirt like that, wearing right now, that I had no idea waht to do I do!

  2. Oh Its my fave shirt ever! I wear it all the time even as a jacket in the spring time with a cute dress

  3. beautiful shirt. well put-together. enjoyed your blog, and nice simple design you have. had fun browsing, and just followed you on twitter and google friend connect. hope maybe you'll come visit me. :) cheers!


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