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Dear Bloggies . . . .

I got my new business cards in today. It was funny I wasn't suppose to get them for like another week. The mailman came with like this little package and I am like wouldn't that be nice if those were my business cards and what do you know they were!!! I got them from it was super easy and I highly recommend them. . . A bunch of the girls at the IFBCon used them so that is how I found out. The next kind I am getting is the smaller ones.

I have so much homework to do tonight I am not even going out . . . UNREAL?

I hope you have a great Friday Night!

Before I go I want to leave you with this little Video from Lana Del Rey. . . I have fallen in love with her voice I heard it today for the first time and have been playing it on repeat all day long.. .



  1. Congrats on the cards, they look cute! I use for mine.


  2. Thanx Yanil and Ambry . . . Yanil she is awesome i cant stop listening to it


Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . . They make my Day or Night :)

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