im in jersey bitch

Let's go Jersey. . .

Dear Bloggies

Last week I went to fashion week in Jersey. Did you know that Jersey had a fashion week?. . . I did not! Some of the designers were pretty good actually. My fave was this designer:
Adrian Alicea

Isn't this super cool? I mean I wouldnt actually walk around like that and it sort of looks something like Giles Decan did back in the day that I had to replica for my internship

Pamela Denis was also super amazing stuff but by that time my camera had died. You can definatly tell the 1940s influence - WHICH I LOVE!!

They had alcohol sponsorships everywhere

top(joyce leslie), necklace (bebe),pants & snake ring(zoya),shoes(charlotte russe),watch(swatch)

I promise I will be blogging more this week . . . I just had an amazing hectic couple of days. You know those days were your just smiling all day long that's the kind of days I have been having . . . I hope you are having equally as amazing.


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