The Heidelberg Project

this picture is exactly what I go through . . . wish I could combine my two worlds . . . Saturday Afternoon I spent with my cousins visiting the projects . . .

My friend Dessi who is not only a super smart law student but also an artist at heart took me and my cousins to see the Heidelberg Projects. . . It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. . . The artist turned everyday junk into art. . .

I asked him about the shoes he gave me a few reasons . . .
1. Shoes tell alot about a person
2. Where have your shoes been?
3. Where are your shoes going to take you?


Look at that tin man! Love him!!!

Check out the website for more information
The Heidelberg Project

What I wore: leggings (H&M), Top (forever21), boots (old), bag (borrowed from Vicki)


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