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Dear Lovies. . .

So, last week I went out for my favorite two sisters that ever existed birthdays. Yea I know that sounds odd . . . what I meant was I am friends with two girls who so happen to be sister and who so happen to have birthdays 4 years and a week apart. So, we celebrate it on the same day. What can I say about these two? All good things I swear I can not find one thing wrong with them even if I tried. They have been there for me so much its unreal.

Funny story about how we met. I have known Diana (the oldest sister) since I was 14. We met in one of our classes, I think it was religion or something. Well we didnt really hate eachother but um disagreed on just about every topic. Both of us very outspoken individuals would just go at it. As we grew however things changed and now we have a bond that has lasted over 10 years. She is smart,kind,religous,giving, and understanding to say the least. She is actually one of the main reasons I am so strong in my faith. We use to walk together home from school and just talk. While I was in highschool Jesus wasn't a big part of my life but she was always so religous. She taught me a lot about my faith and if not for anything else she has done (which is A LOT)I owe her for that. I do not know now what I would do with out my faith. SO THANX DEE!

As for Elizabeth? (her sister) well have you ever met one of those people that just had their shit together? You would be in awe because your like YOUR YOUNGER THAN ME! She is 4 years younger than us and most girls her age are NOTHING like her. You wanna talk about smart that girl is it. She is not only beautiful but brains too. It is crazy to me how I go to her for advice on important life issues meanwhile she should be able to come to me. However, we all know what a mess I am. She is real and tells it how it is. Omg and funnnnyyyyyyy . . .she makes me crack up! Here is the thing about that she makes fun of you and you die laughing because obvisously its not malicious but you cant help but literally laugh at yourself. Especially me with my blonde moments. SHE SO QUICK TO CATHC THEM ALL!! Whenever we are together there is never a dull moment. LOVE YOU WIZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Ok now that my love letter to them is over hahahaha LETS TALK ABOUT THE PARTY. . .
We had a good time . . . THERE WERE LIKE 30 people at the bar for them. . . I think our crew took over the whole back of Central a place in astoria. . . The music was ehh much better the other times I have been there. . . The men still lovely though :)

My <3s Happy Birthday Thanx for all that you do!

I am sorry but my face looked HIT in this picture. . . So I had to cut it out
Blazer & Bag (thrift),Leather Shorts (h&m), Shoes (Arden B),Necklace (zoya)

OMG HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS OUTFIT. . . I am goign to look through more pictures and try to find you an even better one . . .the camera wasnt cooperating with me because I put it on the wrong setting. anywho SO MUCH GAB TODAY! Sorry


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