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Dear Bloogies. . .

Yesterday I met up with Yanil from The New York Style. We went to Westechester, NY to eat and decided to take pictures and film a video. We ate at The Melt. We both ate salads, let me tell you something about that place . . . no matter what you eat there it is amazing. I eat there almost everyday while at work. . . because I have become addicted to it. Ive never done drugs but I am sure the way I feel about everything at the Melt is what a crackhead feels about Crack hahahah. ..

Anyways after dropping her off I went to the movies with littlest sister and littlest girl cousin. . . We went to see Paranormal activity . . . I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD to being scared half to death. . . unfortunately DID NOT HAPPEN! I saw the 1st one - wasn't scared at all but I thought it was because I saw it so late and everyone hyped it up. I didn't get to see the second one yet I'll be watching it tonight on my netflix. This 3rd instrumental made me wanting my money back! However the bestfriend said she could not sleep all night because of it. . . so I suppose its just me!
And here is the rest of it.
Enough of that Here are the pictures
glasses,jeans,tank,& bag(zoya)necklace(h&m). .. watch video to see more!

Do forgive the laughing YANIL makes me crack up.. .



  1. Love the bag!

    xo Ashleigh


  2. lol i love this post specially because i took these pics hehe! and we need to have a serious chat about future projects my dear wether in the real soho or in the riverdale Soho asap!! lol

  3. thank you all and yes YANIL monday?

  4. Enjoyed reading your blog articles - cute style!


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