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Dear Bloggies . . .

This is a running around town look. I had so much to do this day. I went wedding dress shopping with my cousin who is visiting from the mother land aka Montenegro. Honestly, I think I have become an expert at wedding dresses with all my cousins getting married. I went into the dress shops knowing exactly what a pik up was, a french bustle, catherdral length veil and fingertip. You know that movie 27 dresses? Well I have surpassed 27 about 10 dresses ago. However, due to Albanian traditions I am not going to be bridesmaid for this cousin and LET ME TELL YOU I DO NOT MIND . . . yes I love her to death she is my twin after all. I just want to find my own dress and not have to run around around like I usually am. Now that she found her dress which is absolutely stunning, we can just relax. Of course me being me we are adding a few things to it. You know GOTTA BE ORIGINAL. Now here is what I wore:

Top(forever21), Denim Jacket (bitten), Leggings(who knows), Shoes(I totally forgot), Bag(Zoya), Watch (Invicta gift from Luli)

OK enjoy your hump day!! We are almost to the weekend woohoo actually the weekend means nothing to me since i work in retail and I have to work lol but for the rest woohoo



  1. Love your bag, such a great color and the fringe it too fun!


  2. Wow, have you done a post yet with all these dresses? Would love to see that. Very cute outfit, the boots are great!

  3. Hey Sam . . . I haven't yet but I will soon enough hahaha :)

  4. you should have put up your cousin's dress...

  5. I cant until the wedding day its bad luck


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