bestfriends bday extravaganza day 4

Holy Hangover!!! I went to see my favorite sport ever . . .

My best friend got Red Wing pre-season tickets for her Bday and luckily I was there and got to go with her. . . However let me talk to you about HUNG OVER!!! Saturday night was one of those WTHAIL happened last night type of nights and Sunday was the sh!t I am never drinking again type of day. We had the best seats OMG they were like second row away from the beautiful Red Wing Hockey Players. . . THEY ARE SO LOVELY . . see I love hockey just because it keeps my ADHD attention going. The fact that all their players are cute doesn't hurt. Even though most the time you cant see them behind those helmets but still Here are a few pictures

Now thats CLOSE!

Lets go boysssss

Birthday Girl!!!

This is what I look like Hungover AYE!
Top(zoya),Leggings (H&M), Boots (charlotte russe), Bag(vintage),Watch(swatch)

To my Darling Best Friend . . . What in Gods name would I do without you? Not very many people understand me or get me like you do. With you I can be my real goofy self. I love you like one of my sisters, we tend to fight like sisters anyways. . .and we cant even stay mad at each other for longer than 15 mins lol . . . I hope you had a blast I surely did. I love you and can't wait to actually live close to you!


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