and today i was german

and this is how I do Oktoberfest . . .

Dear Bloggies,
I went to lunch with a fellow blogger Yanil (read her blog here) and we accidentally bumped into OKTOBERFEST . . this day went from a lovely lunch of food we both knew we shouldn't eat but was well worth all the calories it was so yum! The picture above is from some random boy I just had to take a picture of that it was hysterical. Everyone was intoxicated - the weather was unreal beautiful. I had to change into flats later on in that day - Thank God I had my store down the block so I could just quickly change into them and head rt back into the chaos. Here are some pictures:

This was the band! Authentic aye?

Ok you all know I like to drink (duhhhh) but the thing I do not like to do is drink Beer. . . It takes me 100 years to finish a glass because I hate the way it taste. . . I rather have wine I guess I am Faaaaaaaannnnncyyyy - however Oktoberfest is known for beer so I decided id do the when in Rome thing . . .well I guess it is when in Germany? hahah

This was the crowd at night . . hahah I love how I caught that guy giving someone a thumbs up . . . I did not realize it until i uploaded the pictures
This is Yanil from The New Yorker Style . . It was her first time in White Plains what a day to go hahahah

Dress & Cross Ring (forever21), Watch (swatch), Bag (vintage),Shoes(joyce leslie), Sunnies (zoya)

OK loves i hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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