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This picture always gets me. NEVER FORGET!

Ten years have gone by and life as continued however every September 11th life seems to stop. Although it was 10 years ago it feels as if it was yesterday. I woke up and put on the tv and they were reading the names of the victims. I started crying from the very moment it started. Each name being read was so sad, It killed me when the kids who fathers died when their mothers were still preggers with them and they would say stuff like "Daddy I hope I am making you proud, Daddy everyone says you were a hero and I am proud to call you my father, I wish I got to meet you." Uh I just cried and cried and cried. I actually cry everytime someone even mentions a child who lost their parent on 9/11. We take things for granted and we dont realize in an instant it can be gone. Who the hell would have known that day all this would happen? Who would ever believe someone can be that horrible, evil disgusting human being to destory so many lives!

So, everyone always ask the question Where were you when the towers hit? Here is my story I just started college (the first time around). . . my freshman year at Iona College in New Rochelle to be exact. I think we were in school a week or so and I didnt drive because well I was afraid to drive back then so my father would drive me to school every morning, we hit an unusal amount of traffic headed up north. So, my father puts on 1010 wins or one of those news stations that normally make me want to puke. Little did we know what we were going to hear. It was nothing about the traffic we were in but it was a women on the radio talking about how a plane hit tower 1. Honestly our intial reaction was like WOW WHAT AN IDIOT. We did not think it was intentional. I go to my father WHO THE HECK MISSES THE TALLEST BUILDINGS IN NY. Still stuck in traffic 15 mins later we hear the women shout about omg omg another plane is headed towards tower 2. That moment i looked at my father for some kind of explanation and all he could say was this is not good. I still didnt believe this could happen intentionally. By the time I got to school I had Political Science class, I told my professor what I heard on the radio he ran to put on the tv to find out what was going on. Needless to say they told us all to go home. Everyone was going crazy, at that time I did not know where the twin towers were located I just knew they were in the city and all I could think of was my mother and aunts who are working. One of my aunts worked in the other towers. She witnessed the bodies jumping from the building and she was coverd in white dust head to toe. She told us she walked from downtown to 86th street where her cousins lived. If you do not know Manhatten it's pretty much walking from the bottom of the island to the top of the island. Everyone's life was changed that day. I can assure you on one thing some people may talk shit about how New Yorkers are rude but after that day we proved truely why we are one of the BEST FREAKING CITIES IN THE WORLD! Everyone was helping everyone. People went down to the towers to help out, everyone tried to do whatever they could for all those who needed it. My city may drive me crazy at times but there is not better place to be from. Yes I do plan on moving but I WILL NEVER FORGET my roots. God Bless America today and everyday!

ok thats my story whats yours?


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