this is what I do in red high heels


Dear Bloggies . . . Today I cleaned in Red heels . I had no intention of cleaning a bathroom in my red high heels but I could not take looking at the stores bathroom the way it was. I had to get in there with some CLOROX and get to work. I know I could have used something else but really I only feel that bleach kills germs better than anything else.

Ok enough of the bleach and bathroom cleaning. I had work today and it definatly felt like fall. O and I purchased new shoes that I probably will be wearing in tomorrows post. Oooo and if you read my blog you know I have massive issues with allergies. They tend to be the almost death of me every season change. Fall is no exception and it is only the beginning what am I going to do in the next few weeks. I woke up crying not really but looked like it. People were wondering wthail was wrong with me everywhere I went in the morning.

This is me cleaning the bathroom!
Jude from the BROW BAR snapped a picture of me.

This is me attempting to do a serious pose . . . YEA TOTAL FAIL!
I am determined to get this pose down right!


Top(borrowed from middle sister), Leggings & Evil Eye Bracelet (Zoya), Shoes and Ring (charlotte russe), Cross Necklace(gift from violet), Watch(michael kors), Rosary bracelet & Our Father ring (St. Lucys)

This is more like my pose!

Ok loves I hope you have a great weekend :)

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