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Dear Bloggies
Saturday was very uneventful except for the fact I got to wear my new shoes! Yay Yay Yay. . . Here is my review: Very comfortable until about 6 hours in. They started to get annoying after. Honestly though what shoes do not get annoying after 6 hours, even my flats annoy me. Come to think of it my flats annoy me way more than heels. When I am in flats after an hour I am usually tiptoeing to pretend I am in heels. I think I have preconditioned my feet to just want to wear heels . . . OH WELL! This is what I wore to work. . . BTW THE TITLE OF THE BLOG IS BECAUSE IT WAS TAKEN IN MY BRONX APARTMENT.. . . a real expression from the BX that's me! hahaha

cardigan, blue ring & tank (forever21), jeans and silver ring(zoya), top & shoes (charlotte russe),bag (vintage)
this is a close up of my top I love the way the turtle neck shows the collar bone and especially the rosettes

Ok Lovies enjoy your Sunday!

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