no idea what to name this blog It's Jerseday?

Hey Hey Bloggies . . .

Quick post on something I wore to work - Nothing grand to talk about today its Jersday aka Jersey Shore is on today. . . It is insane how obssessed with these douche bags I am. I feel like emotionally invested in their lives . . .so maybe I am the bigger douche? Anywho I wore this to work but before i met up with friends to watch the show i went home and changed into shorts and a hoody . . . I have to say that is my fave relaxing summer look. I use to be insane about hoodies. I swear I had every color on the planet with all stupid things on them and lived in them. OoO College . . . How I miss the first time around . . . this second time in college umm NOT SO MUCH FUN . . . anywho let me shut up and show you what I wore:

Cardigan, Glasses, & 1 Ring (forever21), Dress (joyce leslie), Shoes (qupid), Necklace (I made it), Snake Ring & Fringe Bag (zoya)


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