meet me once again down in michigan . . .

I wore these beat up heels (thanks to the little sister inability to walk with out destroying all my shoes) with . .
Dear Bloggies . . .

Today is like one of those never ending days well it could be because I leave for Michigan tomorrow and I am so excited. The last time I went to Michigan fun as it was I was dealing with a not so fun issue. Now I am going and I feel freaking awesome. I am going to celebrate the best friends birthday. I am also going for a week, so I am pretty sure I can see everyone I need to see while out there. Speaking of going for a week I do not know if I will be able to blog but I sure will try to. I just am not taking my laptop with me and will only have my iPad and to be honest its kind of annoying blogging from your iPad. I will try though. I am sure I will manage to find a computer somewhere. I will probably steal best friends laptop while out there. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! You would think I was going to like Hawaii or something but no Michigan. Another wonderful amazing thing is my cousin is going to be out there from Virginia and well when we get together in the great state of Michigan it is um just AHHHHHHHMAZING . . . O here is what I wore today:
jacket & wrap around bracelet (h&m), Tank(forever21), jeans (macy*s), shoes(qupid), rings (zoya)

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