here comes that rainy day feeling again

Hello Bloggies . . .

Well Today it RAINED AND RAINED and then it RAINED some more. I had to go to school and handle some issues . . . Sometimes I feel like I am never going to graduate and that well that drives me insane . . . but I am almost there I can see it in the horizon lolol . . .

Before I show you any other picture. I want to show you my fave part about my outfit:
I wanted to show you a close up of the design on my hoody
Popeye & Olive Oyl (ahh the child hood memories)

This is my attempt at taking a good picture of my face
Do you like my braid? How about my bangs? I did them myself!!
What on earth did I do before I figured out Youtube had every type of DIY you can imagine?
The pictures are blurry . . . because like I said GARBAGE camera!!
Hoody & Tank (Forever21), Socks (Joyce Leslie), Shoes (so old I have no clue), Denim Leggings (Zoya) So Accessories are mixed and I don't even remember from where.

Ok love muffins . . . .Tomorrow is IFCON. I need to get to bed I dont even know wthail I am going to wear UGH* . . . closet full of nothing to wear . . .

Sweet Dreams alll

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