hello orange sunshine

hello my wonderful blog friends,

I woke up Tuesday morning wanting to wear my orange heels. I do not know exactly why but I had a need and I decided let's do it. I had no big plans for Tuesday except taking exams online and running errands. One of my errands was the bank and for once it was to PUT MONEY in instead of taking it out. Even the teller was impressed. She goes no shoes this week? I was like wow that is def a sign that I have a problem if your bank teller knows you buy to many shoes. After all the stuff I did I was tired and forgot to take a pic but just as I was walking in my brother decided to inform me he was hungry and if I could take him for some fast food well of course I did so and well by that time I had taken off all my jewels and just had the outfit and my orange shoes so here is what I looked at after I bribed him to take a pic of me at 10pm:

blazer and tank (forever21),pants (zoya), shoes(charlotte russe),
ring (st.lucy's gift shop), bag (old)

ok lovies have a nice one


ps: yes my brother eats junk at 10pm and is super fit. ya not fair at all!!!


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