FNO yea gotta love NY!!

hello there my darling friends . . .

Well we all know what Thursday was . . . yes FASHIONS NIGHT OUT! I do not know if in your hood it is as insane as it is mine but NYC was pure insanity! One of my fellow blogger friends said that "This week is the reason why everyone lives in NY"(thenewyorkerstyle). I have to say I completely agree. There really is nothing like living in NY during this time. There is something to do at every night. Being a blogger is extra fun! We tend to have lots of parties during this week and fashion shows OBVIOUSLY. Here are some pictures from FNO!

Ugh these shoes are to die for!
crowd at Mui Mui
Next to the Tributes these have to be my fave YSL shoes
HOW FLIPPING COOL IS THIS? She was in the Tiffany's window (I think)
Cause you know it's totally normal to have your hair and makeup done on the street in 5th ave
Hello Henry Bendel
Check this chick out! I think I am gonna borrow that for Halloween HAHAH IMAGINE
this is the insanity outside of VERSACE for Nicki Minaj I personally could careless for her but damn was it insane!

and now for what I wore
shoes (joyce leslie), top and pants (zoya), bag (justfab), earrings (forever21)

BTW MY HAIR : this happens when you don't have time to wash it GROSS! lol

Ok lovebugs hope you had fun and are enjoying fashion week. What did everyone do for FNO? Where did you go?


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