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Dear Bloggies . . .

I went to IFBs Conference and I met a lot of people!! Which was great!! They also had a lot of cool things going on from the sponsors. You could get your hair did, nails did, and eat some ice cream. (I love saying hair did instead of done for some reason) Here are some pictures:

This picture is a shot of the BIG ASS MANNEQUIN she moved. She freaked the crap outta me.

Before I got there people were setting up and they had a far away picture of this and i thought it was a person and I was like Wow what a big head for such a skinny person. To only come to the conference and realize its this massive freaky looking twitter girl.

Panel of successful Bloggers to teach us somethangs!
that/s Coco Rouche. . . she was also on one of the panels. She is so dope, she also has a blog
Oh So Coco
The bloggers chatting during one of our breaks. Thats Sammy D. Vintage and Monroe Steel.

Now a word from our SPONSORS:
Aldo had a bunch of games going on for their Get Lucky Campaign. The girl was so sweet!
That's the Shoes!!!
Minx & Magnum Ice Cream teamed up and gave us free manis!!
Some bloggers getting Manicures.
This is my Mani . . . DO NOT MIND MY ABNORMAL LOOKING HANDS. . . yes i know they are baby hands
picplz 2011-09-07 16
This Ice cream was SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Magnum Icre Cream with Caramel

I love this . . . water bottle filter thing you can put any kind of water even sink water and it filters it for you!!

Outfit time: Shoes (charlottee russe), Dress (forever21), Jacket and most the jewelery (zoya), Belt (vintage),Bag (justfab)

I am sure you guys are sick of seeing that bag but I LOVE IT! I can't help it It fits everything!!

After the IFB Con we went to a two other places and by the time i took this picture MY FACE WAS LOOKING A HOT MESS!!!

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.

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