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Dear Bloggies . . .

Friday was an interesting day for me. I woke up early and no where in my head did it say WASH YOUR HAIR YOU NASTY NASTY HUMAN! However it did say watch news look up some bloglovin*, check out and chictopia. So, after my shower I realized time flew by so I ran throw stuff together and ran out my house hair still on top of my head . . . I knew I had bloggers night out event and I knew I def had to wash my hair tonight so why bother during the day? THIS IS JUST ABOUT THE MOST DISGUSTING BLOG I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. If there are men that are reading this and you do not have a sister,wife,or gf this is perfectly normal for my kind of hair. It's actually healthier not to wash it but I had reached day 4 and well that was pushing it! After work however I finally washed it and then well rushed to get ready for Bloggers Night Out and this is what I wore there:

top & shoes (charlotte russe), skirt (h&m), bag (vintage) jewelry(mix)
My face looks really red must've used way to much blush lolol

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