bestfriends bday extravaganza day 1

Dear Bloggies . . .
This is the bestfriend and I
I am back in New Yawk Citaaay. I had the best week ever. . . So much happened this week. Did you ever have a moment in your life when everything came together? Did you ever pray for something so bad then finally realize that is nothing you ever wanted? You had this idea of a person and you thought they were amazing and you had all these feelings and then you find out they really are not that amazing, that you don't really have the feelings you thought you did, and GOD REALLY HAS A DIFF PLAN FOR YOU. . . My motto this trip was Jesus has another plan for me and I now know it was most certainly not the one I thought. . . So, even though you cried a lot it was all for the best . . . cause in the end it was just as it was suppose to be. Enough of that stuff . . . Now here are some pictures of my first day and night in Michigan . . .

After the bestfriend picked me up our first stop was SLOWS
this is what we ate.
If you are ever in Detroit you must order this! I recommend I believe it was called the Reasoning or something. Ask the waiter to tell you the sandwich they are known for. .
one of the many odd things that keep me entertained

So, at night the partying began . . . we decided to first start our night in the same place we ended it oddly enough . . . here are some pictures . . .

Her first TINK for her bday!!

Do not really know what is going on with my face right here but oh well
Jacket (zoya), Top (forever 21), Jeans (macy*s), shoes (charlotte russe), accessories (mix)

My Fave pic of the night!! CHEERS TO A FABULOUS YEAR MY LOVE!!

BTW I'm going to be posting more on my trip one day at a time. . . TO MUCH FOR JUST ONE DAY!

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