and its all a blurr now

Dear Bloggies . . .

Yesterday I went for a boho look . . . BOHO MEANING NOT EVEN A DROP OF MAKEUP hence why I am hiding my face in these pictures. So I finally bought a camera right? ok this camera is garbage!! Either I have no idea how to use it or it really is trash! My camera phone takes better pictures. . . needless to say I AM RETURNING IT TODAY! You will have to deal with EVO shots until I find a camera I like. I worked all day yesterday non stop because the boutique got in a bunch of great things and a punch of great things means I HAVE BOXES TO OPEN, INVENTORY TO PUT INTO THE COMPUTER, and figuring out where to put everything! After that I went to stay with my friend who is visiting from Michigan. I simply adore her like I can not explain how much I just love her free spirited soul. . . JET I doubt you read this but YOU ROCK. . . Mimi I know you read this and you double rock! <3 you both . . . Here is what I wore. . .
I use to wear this maxi skirt as a dress . . . I JUST ADORE IT! BTW I do not even know where I got it from. . . I know I got it forever ago.
Jacket (bitten), Tank (gap), Skirt (no clue), Necklace (I made it), Bag (zoyaboutique), Shoes (forever21), Bracelets (all mixed up)
ANYWAYS SORRY FOR THE BLUUUUUURRRRRRR yea I was pretty bumbed when I saw how they came out.

UGH THE MORE I LOOK AT THESE PICTURES THE ANGRIER I GET! is that even how you spell angrier?

OK Loves . . .
I'm headed for AC this weekend . . . my last horrah before this amazing wonderful summer is over :(

CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO AC IN MY LIFE? I live in NYC that is unheard of. . .




  1. Love the skirt! Great bohemian outfit! =)

  2. hi there thanks for the comment, would love you to follow it if u like or like my fb page
    love from Hong Kong


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