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Hello Bloggies. . .

So I wanted to do the IFB PROJECT #9 but as usual my memory failed me and I missed the deadline but I decided to do it anyway for you guys . . . For some reason what's in my bag today is a lot less than what is normally in my bag. My bags usually weigh a ton I swear that is why my arms are toned since I am not that big on working out with weights . . . OK so here goes . . enjoy

So what is exactly in this bag ?
1. The bag: ( as seen in the last few blogs!
2. Planner: Yes I have a smart phone and an iPad however I still love to write things down when I need it - - something about checking it off that I just love.
3. iPad: MY wonderful amazing IPAD what did I do before I got it
4. My phone and battery back up: anyone who knows about these phones knows they die way to quickly. . . so being that this is my life I am using my old broken phone as a battery backup!
5. Burberry Perfume: its my staple . . . however my cousin told me they are discounting it HOW COULD THEY!!!
6. Amber Romance Lotion: just love the way it smells
7. My make up bag: It has makeup and everything else in it.
8. Wallet: empty empty empty :( lolol
9. Accessories: I like options that's all or and I can never make up my mind!

So there goes MY BAG . . . nothing really that interesting. . . they say you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their bag . . .what do you suppose mine says about me?

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