i'd walk my life away in the streets of washington d.c.

Dear bloggies,

I arrived in DC safe and sound the bus ride was actually pretty easy thanx to my iPad and Netflix lol . . .

This is the first thing I do entering DC pomegranate mojito (sp).

This was the second thing I did. I had to go say what up to Obama!

So, this going to church thing has been working out I went to 3 weeks in a row even here in DC . . . I love when I go to church it makes me feel so at peace . . . It was a little weird not to go to my Church since I absolutely love my church after finally finding one I call my own. However it was great going with my cousin. . . I prayed so hard ! I also thanked God for all that he has given me. . . there may be times when I do not understand what is his plan for me but I have faith and he will only help me not harm me. . . . This is what I wore to church

Jacket (bitten), Dress (Zoya), Bag (vintage), Shoes (forgot)

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