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Darling Bloggies. . .

Last night I had a fabulous night in the city. I went to a restaurant on the West Side. The food was so good you have no idea! UGH I could not stop eating. . . Here are some pictures
We actually went backwards. . . and ate desert first . . . sort of reminds me of that movie Remember Me how the girl always ate desert first i think the reason was so because what if she died in the middle of dinner and didn't get to eat the one thing she was waiting for. Yea but that wasnt our reason .. . Our reason was because there was this model party next to us and we all know models really don't eat and if they do eat they eat these tiny little cupcakes.
This was a part of dinner angel pasta with clams and sprinkle of parmigiano cheese
MmMmmMmm good!
UGH* just looking at this food is making me hungry and want to go back ASAP!
and this is what I call Adult Lemonade! very yum
This is pic just goes to show what a great time I was having!
My outfit pix didnt come out - - so Here is the break down
pink shirt (no clue) Necklace and bracelets (mixed up) faded black pants (macy*s)

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