cheers to the freakin weekend

Hello Lovies . . .

What did everyone do on Friday? I spent most of it at work then I went to meet up with some friends at our usual spot. I had a pair of shorts on that let me tell you THEY KEPT FALLING OFF. . . I had to search through my mobile closet aka the trunk of my car for a belt. . . Odd thing is I usually get my pants to big for me because I hate to be confined or to feel anything is tight but these were my size and they were falling off . . I sort of got excited thinking maybe I did lose some lbs . . . who knows! Let us pretend it isn't because it was made wrong but it is because I lost weight everyone will be happy with that idea ? RIGHT? ok so here goes the outfit:

Top (mall store), Shorts & Necklace (forever 21), Shoes (mandee), Bag (, Watch (rosegold swatch),belt (my trunk)

O BTW GOT THE SHOES ON SALE!! woot woot!!! I love having small feet!

OK darling . . . hope your weekend was fab!



Thank you for all the lovely comments . . . . They make my Day or Night :)

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